Advanced design consultancy

RAZ is specialized in parametric modelling, digital tools, interfaces, data analysis, visual programming and scripting applied to the design of the built environment.

Holistic design assistance

Our services

RAZ is a Europe-based company specialized in parametric modeling, digital tools, interfaces, data analysis, visual programming and scripting applied to the design of the built environment –ranging from structural solutions and furniture to mobility projects and urban design–. We support project decision-making in every phase of the design process.

In RAZ we merge creativity and problem-solving. We are enthusiastic about data and we use parameters to create algorithms that optimize and automate design processes. However, we do not believe in the impartiality nor the objectivity of data. We create tools but we offer holistic design assistance, putting human decisions in the center of our work.

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Dedicated tools
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Urban Innovation
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  • Interfaces

    Tools for managing complex processes throughout all design phases
    – UX for creators: informing design decisions with real-time analysis
    – UX for other actors: complex analysis for clients, authorities or intermediaries
    – Interactive presentations (AR/VR/TUI)

  • Urban innovation

    Consultancy services in the fields of architecture, urban and territorial planning and mobility
    – SMART buildings, cities, and territories
    – Integrated multimodal mobility
    – Benchmarking reports and policy-making

  • Academia

    Workshops for transferring technology and knowledge
    – Training: theoretical or theoretical-practical applied to projects
    – Visual programming (Grasshopper, Dynamo)
    – Other programming languages
    – Digitalisation strategies development

  • Dedicated Tools

    Professional support of parametric processes and BIM-based projects.
    – Computer modeling in Rhinoceros 3d and Grasshopper
    – Parametrisation of BIM models using Dynamo
    – Algorithms for optimization and automatization of processes – script and plug-in design
    – Data-Driven Design

Our clients

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Warsaw, Poland

About us

Creative design studio passionate
about clean & intiutive design.